Pop-Up Curiosity Shop of Science and Culture

Come join the fun and gets hands-on with research at the Pop-Up Curiosity Shop of Science and Culture.

Calling all imagineers, engineers, and balladeers! This is a bonkers celebration of discovery right in the centre of Falmouth at the Cornish Bank. Music, demonstrations, talks, workshops, and much more will bring to life the brilliant work that happens at University of Exeter in a celebration of discovery, mayhem, and much more. Bring a curious mind and encounter scientists, artists, musicians, historians, doctors, mathematicians, and many others. 

This event is free and there is no need to book. 





Red Kites In The Sky
Come and learn the story of the red kite! You’ll get to make your own red kite to take home and be part of putting red kites back in the sky.

Pollination Navigation
Have you ever wondered about how bumblebees navigate their way between their nest and a blooming flower without a Sat-Nav? Dunia Gonzales, a Postdoctoral Research Student at the University of Exeter, wants to understand how bumblebees develop their sense of orientation and spatial awareness. Watch her drone footage to see aerial footage of floral resources across South Devon’s fields to understand and track bee routes.

Surfing Amongst Phytoplankton
What can phytoplankton teach us about the health of our oceans? And where do we even find phytoplankton? Dr. Bob Brewin, a passionate surfer and scientist at the University of Exeter, finds them by looking at the colour of the water. With a simple demonstration, he will dive into the microorganisms of our ocean and what stories they can tell us.

The First Earthly Skeleton
Life on earth is fascinating! And it becomes even more fascinating when we get to look at 550 million year old skeletons to help us understand the origin and early evolution of animal life on our planet. Dr. Xiaoya Ma loves asking questions such as ‘When and how did major animal groups evolve? and ‘How did animals adapt to their ecological and environmental changes?’. She will bring along fossils and tell you all about it.

Bright Futures
What is the importance of renewable energy? Can solar energy bring us a bright future? Dr. Anurag Roy is bringing along solar-powered bees and lights to demonstrate the working principles of a solar cell and their ability to operate carbon-free. It’s a showcase of the possibilities of renewable energies.

My Blue Health
Did you know that most of the people living on the European continent live in urban areas? Here in the South West, we are lucky to have access to moorlands, woodlands, coastal paths, and so-called ‘Blue Spaces’, namely rivers, lakes, and the sea. These spaces positively contribute to our overall mental and physical wellbeing. Dr. Kath Maguire works with communities and researchers, supporting research about health and place. She is bringing along a community created rock pool full of fabric shells and knitted creatures. There will be many hidden stories and things to discover!

Small But Mighty! Fighting Cancer In The Nano World
It’s David vs. Goliath at this stall, as scientists from the RaNT team face-off against Cancer – a disease titan – armed only with tiny bits of gold and an invisible laser! Come play, and help develop new medical tech that could diagnose and treat cancer without even breaking the skin! YOU can help the team improve the lives of future cancer patients. Along the way, you’ll vibe with light and the molecules of life, and go deep with rainbows. You’ll blow your head up to the size of the whole UK, and compete with friends to kill cancer with Super Soakers!

Have you ever wondered about how your body moves and what that can tell you about your health? Researchers from the University of Exeter have been developing wearable monitoring exercise, walkable pods and more to help us better understand health conditions. Join in with interactive activities and hear more about the wide range of research being done nearby.

Science Education At King Edward Mine
Discover and learn about the history of Cornish mining! We’re thrilled to have the team from King Edward Mine joining the Pop-Up Shop. With a VR set of an underground mine in Cornwall, the team will speak about Cornish mining heritage and their community work at King Edward Museum, including footage of the Mining Games 2023.

Meet The Pioneers Of Renewable Wave Energy
Prof Lars Johanning is the Deputy Head of Engineering and Professor of Ocean Technology at Penryn Campus. He is a leading researcher with international recognition in the field of ocean energy and technology. His most recent involvement is in the project WEDUSEA, a pioneering collaboration between 14 partners that aim to develop ways to generate energy from large waves.

The Wonderful World Of Fungi
Have you considered how fungi affect our daily lives? How do they affect human populations and how do changes in the management of chronic health conditions affect fungal diseases? How important are fungi for us and our environment? Prof. Mark Ramsdale who is an Associate Professor of Molecular Microbiology at the University of Exeter and MRC-Centre for Medical Mycology will lead you on an exploration of the interconnectedness between fungi and humanity.

Our Earth In A Cosmic Context
Whether you have a fascination with the vastness of space or would simply like to seize the opportunity to hold a meteorite in your hands, Dr. Sebastiaan Krijt has got you covered. Come along to learn about space, exo-planets, and determine the density and make-up of real meteorites! As a Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Exeter, his research focuses on the early stages of planet formation within and beyond our solar system. He also teaches modules on Introduction to Astrophysics and Galaxies and High-Energy Astrophysics, and is part of NASA’s Nexus for Exoplanet System Science network and Alien Earths astrobiology research team.


Triggering Your Happy Hormones
Rosa Pascual is a multidisciplinary visual artist. In her work, she explores the ‘Self by Choice’. Do we choose how we think about our own bodies? How do we determine our self-worth? How do we determine our identity? And how do these questions make us feel?



Lunchtime Talks

Between 12pm and 2pm each day on the Pop-Up Shop, hear directly from University of Exeter researchers about their work in this series of short engaging talks.

    • Lunchtime Poetry with Timothy Cooper: Join social historian Dr. Cooper in an exclusive lunchtime poetry reading where he explores our human-nature relationship through beautiful verses inspired by the natural beauty of the South West.
    • AI and Antibiotic Resistance with Prof. Robert Beardmore: Learn how AI can help tackle the growing problem of antibiotic resistance and the risk it poses to global health as Prof. Beardmore sheds light on the differences in international policies governing antibiotic use and resistance spread.
    • Meet the Other Monarch: An Audience with the African Queen with Richard ffrench-Constant: Discover the significance of the African monarch butterfly as a symbol of conservation in Africa and its role in providing valuable clues about ecosystem health, including its ability to survive in challenging environments with parasites.
    • Living Amongst Multi-Species Communities with April Hayes: Join PhD student April Hayes as she delves into the world of bacteria, antibiotics, and antimicrobial resistance, focusing on the behavioral patterns of bacteria and the impact of non-antibiotic drugs on bacterial communities.
    • Shake, Rattle, and Roll: A history of earthquakes and tsunamis in Cornwall with Dr. Geoff Main: Explore the historical impact of earthquakes and tsunamis on Cornwall from various periods in history to the present day, as Dr. Main, an interdisciplinary geographer, shares his insights on these seismic events.
    • The Human-Animal Relationship Paradox with Dr. Luke McGuire: Gain an understanding of the complex and diverse relationships humans have with animals, as psychologist Dr. McGuire discusses how our perceptions and beliefs shape our interactions with animals, including our choices of pets and sources of food.


Event Details

Cornish Bank
34 Church St
TR11 3EF

Date: 30/09/2023
Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

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